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Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves conveying your brand story to your audience at the right time in the right place.  Today – content marketing can cover everything from social media to PR, but the objective is still the same – to generate content that will inform, entertain and engage your different audiences and influence them when they make a purchase decision – or what Google calls the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’.

Our content marketing team has experience in traditional content creation – from copywriting to PR to developing relationships with great writers, photographers, video producers and broadcasters. We have translated this experience into developing great content for any audience on any platform.

Content Marketing Services for Publishers (and brands that want to be publishers)

It doesn’t matter if your needs are purely electronic or whether you need printed materials. We have published brochures, magazines, websites, CD-ROMS, Annual Reports, Newsletters and menus. Whether it is writing press releases or case studies, we can help.

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Content Calendaring.
  • Copy-writing and Editorial
  • Layout and Design
  • Printing and Production
  • Online Store – Ecommerce and Distribution
  • Book Marketing and PR
  • Social Media content
  • SEO optimised content.

Content Marketing  in Detail

They say ‘Content is King‘ – and it has never been more true, but context is also important.

Online marketing is not about technology, it is about engaging your stakeholders in a relationship using relevant, interesting, amusing, understandable, keyword based, sharable, link-worthy content.

From website copy to press releases to blog articles to Twitter updates – we create content that is mindful of your keywords and your brand values.

But it’s not all about words. We also produce video, audio, infographics, animation and photography.

Our content team have incredibly diverse backgrounds, expertise and life experience. We are just as comfortable talking about tap dancing as we are about technology.

In a recent survey of B2B marketing professionals – 88% cited content related issues as their biggest marketing challenges:

  • 41% have a challenge producing the kind of content that engages customers.
  • 20% have a challenge to produce enough content.
  • 18% have a challenge in finding the budget to produce content
  • 7% have a challenge producing enough variety of content
  • 1% have a challenge licensing content.

We solve the content creation challenge with a ‘brand journalism’ approach that uses qualified, professional writers, trained as journalists.

Our content creation specialists know how to tell a story. They think about audience and care about accuracy. They can find stories that are exciting where you can’t think of anything interesting to say about your product or service.

A huge part of a successful SEO strategy is making sure that your keywords are being used in your communications. This includes keyword rich copy on your website as part of On-Site SEO as well as press releases that are sent to journalists or bloggers or posted on article submissions sites.

There are very few PR people who understand the importance of keywords and links in communications. As well as creating content that has your keywords in mind, we also train other members of your team to think about keywords when they are producing brand assets, social media updates or talking to the media.

Keeping the flow of content flowing to your social media outlets can be tough. Constantly coming up with interesting, relevant blog updates, facebook posts and Twitter posts can be overwhelming for a company that might have written a news story once a month in the past.

We have strategies to create content for social media that are tried and tested. No matter what your business, we can create stories that will engage your prospects and convert them into customers.

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